Call for Papers! Hisas 11

In these recent years, the issue of sustainability, ranging from corporate sustainability to technological development sustainability, has been gained as a main interest in our society. Sustainability as defined by The Union of Conservation Scientist (IUCN), United Nations of Environment Programme (UNEP) and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is : improving the quality of human life while living within the carrying capacity of the earths supporting ecosystems. Therefore, along with technological development and rapid industrialization, a good management system of how to contribute the minimal impact to the ecosystems is required.

Indonesia as a developing country has some potential economic advantages in some area such as agriculture, forestry, fishery, renewable and non-renewable natural resources, and human resources. In accordance to these, good management and assessments are needed to ensure that these advantages become a mean to achieve sustainable economic development along with sustainable human living environment. Therefore, the contribution of scientific and technological ideas from Indonesian researchers in Japan, although it is not limited to, are encouraged.

Researchers should be able to communicate their ideas and contribute by implementing their idea into such a applicable scientific and technological solution. The collaborations from different fields are strongly encouraged to achieve holistic solution in accordance to sustainability umbrella. Under that spirit, Indonesian Student Association in Hokkaido (PPI-H) would like to organize scientific meeting called 11th Hokkaido Indonesia Scientific Meeting (HISAS 11th). Many young researchers in numerous area ranging from environmental, forestry, agriculture, fishery, social sciences, natural science and engineering expected to contribute in the meeting in addition the member of PPI-H . In this meeting, all participants who are mostly young researchers from diverse background will communicate their ideas, scientific and technological solution to give contribution to sustainable Indonesian economic and technological development.